The design of your room is the important first step. We will make your furniture to any size, and we can make just about anything that you can think of – but first you will want to combine your ideas with ours and see how it will look and what it will cost.

Our designer will discuss your needs and show you how your room will look in 3D there and then using our computer design (CAD) software. We will also customise the interior fittings – hanging, shoe storage, shelves etc. Once the design is finalised, you can choose the finish, style and handles of your choice.

We will give you our best price first time, without pretend sales or pretend discounts.

You may have some ideas of how you would like your room designing, and we can combine your ideas with ours – we have plenty of ideas to add to the mix, and years of experience to share.

There is no doubt that the best place to design your bedroom, is in your bedroom. That way we can see any features that we need to be aware of, we have all the measurements and it is easy to explain just how things will work. Our visit is free of charge and obligation, but if you prefer we have alternative ways to get your initial design and quote.

Book your free design visit

* No obligation – it’s a promise!

We can visit your home, where we will talk through different ideas and suggestions to end up with a design that your are happy with. We will show you the options on our computer in 3D there and then to give you the best idea possible of how your room will look. We will then tell you what will cost without playing games or pretending that the “sale” ends at the weekend!

You can measure your room yourself, and then make an appointment to bring the sizes in to our showroom where we can design your room on our CAD system.

You can measure your room and email the rough floor plan to us. We will work on a design to show you what is possible and what it will cost. Call for advice on how to measure your room.

We can connect to your computer so that you see our CAD design appear as we chat over the phone.

Quality & value for money

Let’s design it together

Our designers are just that – designers, not just commission based salesman. Of course we want you to buy from us – but we won’t be pushy or outstay our welcome – it’s a promise.


We’ll come to you

We design and fit in homes in Leicestershire, Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire.


No space too awkward

Fitted Wardrobes for awkward shaped rooms or sloping ceilings? No problem. We custom build every part in our own factory, so we know that what we design will really fit your home.